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27 (diathesis-stress model; diathesis (predisposition)-stress model)

Postpartum mood disturbance in first time mothers : application of cognitive diathesis-stress models of depression, 2004:

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of biological psychology, 2001 (diathesis-stress model)"

Women reported higher rates of their partners as less caring and as more likely to be a depressogenic stressor (Wilhelm & Roy, 2002). An additional role that women partake in that is parallel to marital roles is parental roles.

The specific difference in depression between women and men cannot be easily explained.

If the gene for depression is located in the x chromosome and the trait is dominant, females, who have two x chromosomes, will be more often affected than males, who have only one x chromosome (Nazroo & Edwards, 1998).

202 (diathesis-stress hypothesis)"

The increase in depression rates can also be attributed to, women feeling less womanly.

Nevertheless, it is a reminder that the comorbidity theory is just a possible reason behind why women are more susceptible to depression. Recurrence is a new occurrence of a disorder after a period of remission of symptoms lasting for over a period of 2 months.

Booij et al. (2002), also analysed studies on tryptophan depletion, showed that (a) having had previous depressive episodes, (b) being female, (c) having had treatment with an SSRI, and (d) having a history of suicidal thoughts or attempts, were all strong predictors of whether tryptophan depletion (and hence serotonin depletion) would depress mood.

202 (diathesis-stress hypothesis)

At the same time, the do not yet exhibit increases in other symptoms of depression....

This support for cognitively caused depression is an interesting use of Beck's Theory.Moilanen's (1995) study of adolescent depression also attempts to validate Beck's theory in a new way, as Beck worked mostly with adults.

In support of genetic transmission as an explanation for the sex differences there is reasonable evidence from twin and family studies that genetic factors are operating in the genesis of depression and affective disorders (Nazroo & Edwards, 1998).

These limitations have been taken a long way, causing the likelihood of depression in women.
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  • Social skills training to reduce depression in adolescents.

    170 (diathesis-stress model)"

  • Sociotropy-autonomy and the Beck Depression Inventory.

    170 (diathesis-stress model)

  • The emergence of gender differences indepression during adolescence.

    The theory is divided into three main aspects, which concern the event preceding and during depression.

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Explaining the gender difference indepressive symptoms.

Following the rules of evolution after a woman becomes infertile she is less desired by men because the purpose in having intercourse is to produce offspring.Both the many facts about hormones as well as the mind-set concerning menopause cause uncertainty as to what exactly produces the depression.

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The indistinctness remains unsolved because it is virtually impossible to perform an experiment of having women separate their feelings of depression from menopausal states.

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The scale had originally meant to identify self-feelings that would lead to depression, mainly solitude/interpersonal insensitivity, independence, and individualistic achievement.

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However, the results of the study showed that the independence did not correlate with depression, and the sociotropy, not autonomy was a precursor of depression.

Diathesis–stress model - an overview | ScienceDirect …

As they described, "sociotropy can be characterized by an individual's emphasis on interpersonal interactions involving intimacy, sharing, empathy, understanding, approval, affection, protection, guidance, and help�tend to place importance on seeking approval from others and on trying to avoid disapproval from others as much as possible." (Sato, & McCann, 2000, p.66) So it is seen that a strong correlation with sociotropy and depression was found, which is a trait that is strong when relating to underlying thoughts and emotions.

The Vulnerability-Stress-Inflammation Model of Depression.

"Such a specific difference cannot be explained easily as a result of biology, particularly among women because rates of depression did not vary by parity" (Nazroo & Edwards, 1998). Hereditarily speaking genetic transmission may cause women to be more susceptible to depression.

Diathesis Stress Model Psychology | Flow Psychology

Their level of depressed mood, however, was simply not more severe than individuals who did not possess dysfunctional attitudes" (Abela & D'Allesandro, 2002, p.122).

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