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Under Medicaid, dental benefits exist, but the coverage is limited


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Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature (CDT)

During the medieval and Victorian period, dentistry only meant tooth extraction and, like surgery, was performed only by barbers. As the years passed, both society and the standards of education improved and many dental schools became part of universities. As more knowledge and understanding were gained through continuous research and practice, the scope of Dentistry widened producing many specializations, one of which is Dental Prosthesis or the fabrication of artificial replacement for one or more missing teeth and the restoration of a damaged part of a tooth. This gave way to more advances in dentistry both in methodology as well as equipments. In fact, in 1851 and 1871, the vulcanite denture bases and silicate cements, both materials in fabricating dental prosthesis, were developed respectively. The development of Dental Prosthesis became the key in the developments achieved in the field of dentistry. These include the understanding of oral function and dysfunction; the introduction of new materials like porcelain, vulcanite, and silicate cements; the improvement of techniques in replacing missing teeth or restoring damaged ones; the development of new technologies in tooth preparation and diagnosis; the development of prosthesis fabrication; and the improvement of partnership between a technician and a clinician. The advances in research and technology also played a huge part in the evolution of dental prosthetic.

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A personpractices dentistry, within the meaning of this Act: (1) Who represents himself or herself as being able to diagnose or diagnoses, treats, prescribes, or operates for any disease, pain, deformity, deficiency, injury, or physical condition of the human tooth, teeth, alveolar process, gums or jaw; or (2) Who is a manager, proprietor, operator or conductor of a business where dental operations are performed; or (3) Who performs dental operations of any kind; or (4) Who uses an X-Ray machine or X-Ray films for dental diagnostic purposes; or (5) Who extracts a human tooth or teeth, or corrects or attempts to correct malpositions of the human teeth or jaws; or (6) Who offers or undertakes, by any means or method, to diagnose, treat or remove stains, calculus, and bonding materials from human teeth or jaws; or (7) Who uses or administers local or general anesthetics in the treatment of dental or oral diseases or in any preparation incident to a dental operation of any kind or character; or (8) Who takes impressions of the human tooth, teeth, or jaws or performs any phase of any operation incident to the replacement of a part of a tooth, a tooth, teeth or associated tissues by means of a filling, crown, a bridge, a denture or other appliance; or (9) Who offers to furnish, supply, construct, reproduce or repair, or who furnishes, supplies, constructs, reproduces or repairs, prosthetic dentures, bridges or other substitutes for natural teeth, to the user or prospective user thereof; or (10) Who instructs students on clinical matters or performs any clinical operation included in the curricula of recognized dental schools and colleges; or (11) Who takes impressions of human teeth or places his or her hands in the mouth of any person for the purpose of applying teeth whitening materials, or who takes impressions of human teeth or places his or her hands in the mouth of any person for the purpose of assisting in the application of teeth whitening materials.

Prodont Holliger: manufacturer of dental instruments

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In an article recently published online at Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, members of the Department of Oral Health and Rehabilitation describe a case in which they used a fully digital approach to computer-guided surgery and immediate placement of temporary restoration teeth in the school’s patient clinic.

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Bicon Dental Implants | Literature and Publications
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