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cervical spine manipulation with retrolisthesis ..

about the risk of cervical spine manipulation.

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Manual Therapy Techniques For The Lumbar Spine - …

Kay TM, Gross A, Goldsmith C, Santaguida PL, Hoving J, Bronfort G, Cervical Overview Group. Exercises for mechanical neck disorders. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2005 Jul 20;(3):CD004250. Review.

during laryngoscopy due to movement of the cervical vertebrae during laryngoscope manipulation.

On the other hand, a recent large Canadian study reported that the risk of vertebral artery territory stroke was greater for both visits to chiropractors and primary care physicians (Cassidy et al, 2008). The authors of this study inferred in their discussion that this observation meant that visits to chiropractors does not cause strokes, as the same risk of stroke was seen in situations where there was no manipulation of the neck. However, we are not so sure as we think there is a logical fallacy. Another way to interpret this data is that vertebral artery strokes are generally diagnosed by seeing primary care physicians, sometimes later rather than sooner, and that this comparison is simply invalid as a visit to a physician is required for diagnosis of a stroke anyway. A more proper comparison would be with visits to, lets say, a dermatologist and chiropractic visits.

for lumbar spine rotation manipulation

Causes of complications from cervical spine manipulation.

Course Length: 4.0 contact hoursInstructional Level: BeginnerCurrent and Popular Concepts in the Evaluation and Non-Operative Treatment of the Lumbar Spine: Part 1: Anatomy and Biomechanics of the Lumbar SpineGoal:This course is intended to facilitate a review as well as a learning experience for the therapist, athletic trainer, and other related professionals through a self-paced study of the clinical anatomy and basic biomechanics of the lumbar spine.

There are very bizarre treatments that have been reported for cervical vertigo, that we will mention briefly. In recent years, the general population has gotten the idea that lasers are good for nearly any medical problem. We have encountered, for example, situations where lasers to the external ear are suggested as treatment for tinnitus. This seems to us . In a similar way, some have suggested that "laser acupuncture" is effective for cervical vertigo. This is implausible as lasers have no mechanism of manipulating the neck. The literature substantiates that laser acupuncture is ineffective for cervical vertigo (Aigner et al, 2004).

methods of cervical spine manipulation

Use of Cervical Spine Manipulation Under Anesthesia ..

Dr. Mooney was a founding member of the North American Spine Society (NASS), and he served as NASS President from 1987-1988. He also received the Lifetime Achievement Award in Lumbar Spine Research from the International Society for the Study of Lumbar Spine in 2008. His area of specialty was in advocating for non-surgical approaches to the management of acute and chronic lumbo-pelvic pain, and the promotion of interdisciplinary approaches to the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of lower back spinal problems.

Another otherwise healthy man was involved in an auto accident. He was wearing a seat belt, and while his head rotated forward and backward, there was no substantial trauma to the head. In other words, it is difficult to attribute symptoms to a concussion. A disabling vertigo ensued, characterized by nausea and motion intolerance. Physical examination revealed a weak horizontal nystagmus that could be elicited by turning the head to one side (positive "vertebral artery test"). MRI of the neck revealed a C5-C6 disk herniation, abutting the thecal sac. Comment: Nystagmus in this case does not begin immediately but starts after about 10 seconds of head turning. This is the most common association between neck injury and dizziness. Our hypothesis is that in these situations there is disturbance of ascending input in the cervical cord going to the vestibular nucleus.

cervical spine manipulation with retrolisthesis, merger and acquisition …
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The neuropathologic component of the VSC involves nerve root compression/irritation interfering with normal nerve root function resulting in pain or other clinical pathologies. The oblique views clearly demonstrated a decrease in diameter at the C5-C6 left intervertebral foramen (see Fig 1). Compressive radiculopathies are the result of pressure on the spinal nerve roots caused by protrusion of the intervertebral disk; retrolisthesis or Y-axis rotation of the segment; spondylotic spurring of the vertebral body, the uncovertebral joints, or the facet joints; or combinations thereof. For example, at the most medial aspect of the nerve root, osteophytic projections from the lateral aspects of the vertebral body end plates can compress the nerve root without resulting in clinical evidence of spinal cord compression. The patient discussed in this case report did not have spinal cord compression.

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Chiropractors often seem unaware that visits to a chiropractor are associated with stroke (Haldeman et al, 2002). We usually recommend against chiropractic treatment of vertigo that includes "snapping" or forceful manipulation of the cervical vertebrae.

chiropractic Care of Retrolisthesis | Spinal Care Clinic

Prior to beginning any injection therapies, I believed he would benefit from such care that would only enhance his response to Prolotherapy. While this treatment was ongoing, I began a course of five neural therapy treatments The area of treatment for neural therapy involved injection of 0.5% procaine without preservative and buffered to a pH of 8.0 to areas identified as interference fields. These are areas of autonomic dysfunction. In this case, I used a form of applied kinesiology known as Autonomic Response Testing to localize the problematic areas and treat. They were areas of previous surgical scars that had a role to play in the patient’s appreciation of pain. If you will, the autonomic component or “nerve” component of the mechanical pain with its foundation in instability. This German technique for balancing the autonomic nervous system is, at times, important to deal with the nervous system component of pain sensation. Once the neural therapy was completed, the addition of appropriate physical therapies primed the patient for success with Prolotherapy. The Prolotherapy solution used was 25% glucose with 1% lidocaine and 0.25% Marcaine® at levels L4, L5 and S1. This was done at monthly intervals, three times, and then again on two occasions five months later. At this point, Freddie no longer had back pain, was able to work and participate in sports and was off all medications! His follow up X-ray report showed no associated retrolisthesis consistent with his absence of back pain! (See Figure 2.) The two X-ray reports were interpreted by two different radiologists.

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There is a substantial conventional neurological literature showing that of the neck is associated with a substantial increased risk of vertebral artery territory stroke (Rothwell et al, 2001; Smith et al, 2003; Vibert et al, 1993). A recent paper that enrolled a nearly 1000 subjects noted that "cervical manipulation" preceded 7% of strokes caused by (Engelter et al, 2013), but only 0.6% of strokes not caused by cervical artery dissection. A 10:1 difference in risk. Other forceful activities such as heavy lifting, extreme head movements, and sports all were highly associated with greater risk of strokes from cervical artery dissection. It seems then that stretching the vertebral artery sometimes causes it to rupture.

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