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can plants grow without sunlight? | Yahoo Answers

Message: Most plants cannot live without CO2 because it is required for photosynthesis

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Can plants grow without sunlight? | Yahoo Answers

LED grow lights for marijuana used to be a waste of time except for very small clone, sea of green, and autoflowering gardens. These days you can get LED grow…

05/02/2008 · Plants need sunlight to live, so a plant can't grow without sunlight

“We engineered our LED grow lights specifically for cannabis, with wavelengths and intensity that drive photosynthesis and production to new highs,” explains Matt Johnson, co-founder of Lush Lighting. “LED grow lights are more efficient, generate less heat, and build more potency, taste and scent into your flowers.”

Test whether plants can grow without sunlight and water.

Johnson notes that SCROG growers in small, height-limited spaces do well to use Lush LED grow lights because they can be placed closer to plants and generate far less heat than high intensity bulbs.

When selecting your lighting source, you want penetrating lights that work with the horizontalized physical profile of SCROG plants. SCROG gives growers less vertical space to light, yet more horizontal space compared to regular cannabis growing.

Can a plant grow without soil? | Yahoo Answers

When your clones or seedlings have sufficient root mass and several sets of true leaves, start your grow-phase feed program by pushing as many parts per million as you can get away with without burning your plants.

The roots of a plant also need oxygen which they obtain from the air spaces in the soil. If you give too much water to a plant in a pot you could kill the roots by drowning them! Plants, such as rice, which normally grow in wet soil often have air spaces in their roots. This is so that they can carry air from the atmosphere down to the root tips to be able to respire under water.

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