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Lipid Metabolism

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Lipids and their role in metabolism

About 40% of the bodies caloric intake is derived from lipids and almost all of these calories come from fats, the . The fatty acid composition in terms of saturation (oxidation forms) is not uniform but varies with the origin. Plant fats contain more polyunsaturated fatty acids and animal fats contain more saturated fatty acids as well as cholesterol. Polyunsaturated fats are essential for humans because animals are not able to synthesize those on their own. Most lipids, however, have metabolic functions contributing to membrane structures and signaling. (C20:4) is a fatty acid which plays a central role as precursor for prostaglandin synthesis. Phospholipids are synthesized from diacylgycerolphosphate, a negatively charged phospholipid precursor and signaling molecule itself, carrying various hydrophilic and/or charged headgroups that determine the surface charge and chemical properties of biological membrane surfaces.

In red algae and photosynthetic diatoms, galactolipids are characterized by a high proportion of .

New research focuses on targeting cancer stem cells by inhibiting the activities of enzymes needed to carry out a metabolic process called “desaturation” of lipid molecules.

Lipid Peroxidation: Production, Metabolism, and …

First suggestion that sphingolipid-derived metabolitescould function as second messengers.

Taking into account this firstreport of the presence of SQDG outside the plant kingdom, photosyntheticbacteria or diatoms, a role for that sulfolipid may be suggested in the /legumerelationship.

described for the first time the synthesis of a naturalneutral lipid, tributyrin, by the direct esterification of glycerol and butyricacid ().

Genetics and Biosynthesis of Lipid A | SpringerLink

A mitochondrial pathway for biosynthesis of lipid …

Thatacidic lipid was later shown to be a universal component of photosynthetictissues.

Hirsch J reported the reversed-phase separation of non polar lipids on a columnof polymerized vegetable oil (Factice) ().

Klenk E et al.

1961, 83, 3080) made the first total synthesis of arachidonic acid.

Imai J demonstrated that the oxidative desaturation of a saturated fatty acid (palmitic acid) is depressed in diabetic rats ().

Kennedy EP described the general pathways of the glycerolipid biosynthesis in animal cells ().

Bremer J et al.

Lipid Metabolism - The University of Texas Health …
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  • Biosynthesis of Lipid by Mortierella Isabellina Grown on …

    We developed a quantitative model of the nine enzyme-catalyzed steps of Escherichia coli lipid A biosynthesis, ..

  • Synthesis of Lipids - Web Books

    Steady-State Kinetics and Mechanism of LpxD, the N-Acyltransferase of Lipid A Biosynthesis †

  • Basic Biochemistry Lipid Metabolism Online Practice Test

    Explore the Overview of Lipid Metabolism from the Professional Version of the Merck Manuals.

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Basic Biochemistry - Lipid Metabolism Online Test ..

described the mechanism of the regulation of lipogenesis by fatty acids in measuring the rate of synthesis of fatty acid synthase in mouse liver ().

Holman RT et al.

Description: Simple and basic questions about Lipid metabolism

demonstrated that nearly allphosphatidylserine and a minimum of 70% of phosphatidylethanolamine is on theinside surface of the human erythrocyte membrane, thus "presenting a strongevidence for an asymmetric arrangement of phospholipids" ().

First demonstration of an inhibition of sterol biosynthesis (HMG-CoA reductaseactivity) by oxygenated derivatives of cholesterol in cultured mammalian cells ().

For the first time, the existence of polyunsaturated fatty acids was reported inmarine bacteria ().


described for the first time the synthesis of mixed acidtriglycerides ().

Description of the specific presence of fatty acids in the depot fats ofruminants in contrast to their absence in non-ruminants ().

The "phospholipid effect" discovered in 1953 is now attributed to aphosphoinositide in connection with phosphatidic acid metabolism(phosphatidylinositol cycle) ().

Barber JM et al.

Important dates in the history of lipids ..

purified a phospholipid (phosphatidylcholine) from egg yolk onan alumina column ().

Baer E described the synthesis of phosphatidic acid by treatment ofdiacylglycerol with diphenylchlorophosphate and removal of the phenyl group bycatalytic reduction ().

Hofman K et al.

Fatty Acid beta-Oxidation - AOCS Lipid Library

determined in vivo for the first time metabolism ofphospholipids in which the phosphate group was labeled with 32P and the fattyacid moiety with 14C ().

The lipid fraction of the coffee bean - SciELO

developed the fractional crystallization of fatty acids or their methyl esters for their isolation from organic solvents at very low temperature, thus avoiding degradation of unsaturated molecules ().

Farmer EH developed the hydroperoxide hypothesis of lipid peroxidation from studies on oleic acid ().

The existence of a direct metabolic relationship between cholesterol and bile acids was first established by Bloch K et al.

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