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31/08/2014 · Some benzoic acid is synthesized from sodium benzoate and hydrochloric acid

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Benzenecarbonyl chloride; Benzoic acid, chloride; Benzoylchloride; ..

Benzoyl Chloride Series are important organic synthesis intermediate. They are colorless transparent liquid. They have special irritant odor. The steam of Benzoyl Chloride Series can stimulate the eyes. Benzoyl Chloride Series are soluble in ether, chloroform, benzene and carbon disulfide. When they meet the water, ammonia or ethanol, they can generate benzoic acid, benzoic acid amide, ethyl benzoate or hydrogen chloride. Benzoyl Chloride Series have two production methods.
One is that the toluene and the chlorine gas generate reaction under the circumstance of illumination. Side-chain chlorination generates - three chloro toluene. The latter one in acidic medium can be decomposed. It generates benzoyl chloride and releases hydrogen chloride gas. The other one is the reaction of the benzoic acid and phosgene. Putting the benzoic acid into actinic pot, and heating and melting. Passing the phosgene into it at the temperature of 140-150℃. After using the alkali treats, the gas can be vented. The temperature of the reaction end is -2--3 ℃. The product will be made after the vacuum distillation. The industrial product is light yellow transparent liquid. Now benzoic acid and benzene methylene chlorine reaction equipment can be widely used in the industry. By the direct chlorination of benzoyl, the benzaldehyde can also be obtained.
Benzoyl Chloride Series have many applications. Benzoyl chloride is used in organic synthesis, dye, pharmaceutical raw materials, and also used for manufacturing initiator benzoyl peroxide two, tert butylperoxy benzoate, herbicides and so on. In the respect of pesticides, Benzoyl Chloride Series are induction type insecticide and the intermediate of the Isoxathion and Karphos. Benzoyl chloride is important benzoyl and benzyl reagent. The majority of Benzoyl Chloride Series are used for producing the benzoyl peroxide, phenyl ketone, benzyl acetate, benzyl cellulose, benzamide and other important chemical raw materials. Peroxide is used for the polymerization initiator of plastic monomer, polyester, epoxy, catalyst of acrylic resin production, the agent of the glass fiber material, crosslinking agent of the silicon fluorine rubber, oil refining, flour bleaching, fiber bleaching and so on. In addition, the reaction of the benzoic acid and benzoyl chloride can also produce benzoic anhydride. Phthalic anhydride is primarily used as acylating agent, a bleaching agent and the component of the flux, and also can be used for the preparation of benzoyl peroxide.
Benzoyl Chloride Series have extensive applications. With the development of the chemical industry, applications of Benzoyl Chloride Series will become more and more important.

benzoyl choride; bezoyl chloride; UNII-VTY8706W36;

I am attempting to produce benzoyl chloride from benzoic acid (I need to convert an isotopically labeled version, so I can't just buy the acyl chloride). I am reacting benzoic acid with excess oxalyl chloride in DCM, and the reaction looks like its proceeding quantitatively, but when I try to rotovap off everything except the product my solution turns pale yellow and I get a white solid.

Benzoyl chloride, also known as ..

Benzoyl peroxide is used as a bleaching agent for flour and whey processing, a polymerization initiator in the synthesis of plastics, and the active component of acne medication. Because of its simplicity and wide application, benzoyl peroxide is a target molecule of interest. It can be affordably synthesized in three steps from bromobenzene using procedures that can be performed in four, 4 h laboratory periods. This process includes a Grignard reaction to turn bromobenzene into benzoic acid, nucleophilic acyl substitution to transform the resulting carboxylic acid into an acid chloride, and the addition of H2O2/NaOH to the acid chloride to yield benzoyl peroxide. Most organic chemistry students are familiar with these traditional reaction mechanisms because they are covered in introductory organic chemistry courses. The starting materials for each reaction are commercially available, and the products can be readily characterized using NMR spectroscopy, IR spectroscopy, and melting point.

We describe the use of readily available crosslinked poly( N -benzoyl-4-vinylpyridinium)chloride, [P4VP] COPh, in the solution phase synthesis of esters from alcohols or phenols in the presence of K2CO3 in high yields and purity. The ...

the acid chloride to yield benzoyl peroxide.

Synthesis and properties of novel aromatic poly(o‐hydroxy amide)s and polybenzoxazoles based on the bis(ether benzoylchloride)s from hydroquinone and its methyl‐, tert‐butyl‐, and phenyl‐substituted derivativeshydroquinonemethyl...

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