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Can the same net-list file be used for ASIC design flow as well as FPGA design flow

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ASIC digital design flow - ASIC/FPGA Digital Design

To help customers implement their chip designs in physical silicon, Faraday offers efficient, reliable and full-spectrum design methodology and tools. Faraday's design methodology adopts leading edge commercial EDA tools as well as proprietary utilities to form a streamlined process for today's ASIC design.

FPGA Design Flow Overview - Xilinx

We developed the following tutorial based on the philosophy thatthe beginning student need not understand the details of VHDL -- instead,they should be able to modify examples to build the desired basiccircuits.

VTVT - VLSI Design: Design Flow

CSCI660 Introduction to VLSI Design - Overview of ASIC design flow

"Because our benchmark showed Incentia's logic synthesis and timing analysis software successfully reduced chip area and greatly shortened run time, we were confident about adopting Incentia's tools into our ASIC flow," said Jim Wang, director of the Design Development Division at Faraday. "Our real design examples showed that Incentia's software achieved high performance and facilitated our customers' projects."

Being new to Verilog you might want to try some examples and try designing something new. I have listed the tool flow that could be used to achieve this. I have personally tried this flow and found this to be working just fine for me. Here I have taken only the front end design part and bits of FPGA design of the tool flow, that can be done without any fat money spent on tools.

Faraday Adopts Incentia for ASIC Synthesis & Timing Flow

PPT - ASIC/FPGA design flow PowerPoint Presentation - …

Incentia Design Systems, Inc. announced that Faraday Technology Corporation has successfully integrated Incentia's software into its ASIC synthesis and timing flow.

Another free sent of tools for large digital ASIC design flows is at:
One of the main difficulties with CAD tools, especially free ones, are the lack of design kits and libraries
for MOSIS type IC fabrication processes.

CIMdata PLM Industry Summary Online Archive. 1 June 2004. Implementation Investments . Faraday Adopts Incentia for ASIC Synthesis & Timing Flow
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  • Application-specific integrated circuit - Wikipedia

    VLSI Design Flow System ..

  • ASIC Standard Cell Library Design by Graham Petley

    ASIC/FPGA design flow

  • VLSI Course Content of Vector Institute

    Basic Synthesis Flow 24 ..

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Acid-sensing ion channel - Wikipedia

Prämierter Beitrag: Dr. Jenny Klaus, Roman Paris, Prof. Dr. Ralf Sommer: Systematic MEMS ASIC Design Flow using the Example of an Acceleration Sensor.

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