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Ben Carson: 'Body With Bullet Holes' Preferable to Gun Control

In this essay I will tell you why gun control is unnecessary and why there shouldn?t be any gun control at all.

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Without guns the American Revolution would not have been won (Boehm).

Although the corporate community suffered a major defeat when the National Labor Relations Act passed, its leaders and trade associations nonetheless continued to resist unionization through a multi-pronged attack. With Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc. frequently reminding its clients that employee representation plans were legal if the employer did not control them, industrial relations executives restructured their plans with the hope they would find favor with their employees. Top corporate chieftains made preparations to challenge the constitutionality of the act in the Supreme Court, with the long list of corporate lawyers employed by the American Liberty League taking the lead by means of a lengthy brief they already had prepared (Shamir 1995, pp.85-92, for the most complete list of corporate lawyers and Wall Street law firms that filed cases against the National Labor Relations Act or supported the American Liberty League). Further, they obtained injunctions to prohibit the National Labor Relations Board from carrying out the duties assigned to it by the legislation until the Supreme Court ruled on the constitutionality of the act. Finally, many corporations prepared for violent confrontations with labor organizers by stockpiling guns and dynamite, hiring labor spies and infiltrating union groups, organizing squads of men to attack pro-union activists, and in a few cases making contact with right-wing vigilante groups. These efforts were uncovered in Senate hearings in early 1937 that embarrassed the corporate community and put many corporations on the defensive (Auerbach 1966; Huberman 1937). Among the corporations preparing to use violence against their employees were General Motors and Goodyear Tire and Rubber, both members of the Special Conference Committee (Scheinberg 1986. Chapter 7).

America has defended itself with guns since December 13, 1631 when the National Guard was born.

While Judyth was in Lee’s company, she met Jack Ruby twice, in May and Juneof 1963, once at Ferrie’s apartment and once at The 500 Club, a Marcellohang-out. Ruby worked with Banister and Marcello in running guns to Cubanexiles.

I disagree with the supporters of gun control.

If gun control laws were applied the same in every place he could of never have gotten the guns.

However, currently the views on gun ownership are beginning to differ even more in urban and rural communities across America because of how each society is individually affected by the use of firearms....

Boatman's books. Before his passing in 2009, he authored , , and . In each, there is a chapter that addresses the importance of The Second Amendment. Each takes a different yet compelling approach to the issues. I've found that readers who connect with these chapters find the rest of the Living with... series very enjoyable, educational and a significant contribution to thier lives with guns.
If you would like more information about my father; the author and our books, please follow the links to the bookshop site, , , , and our pages.
While this material is copyrighted, the Author and his estate have granted permission to reprint it in full or in part as long as attribution is given to Robert H.

I believe that gun control works in theory, but not in real life.

It would do nothing about the illegally obtained handguns in the possession of criminals.

Unions continued to hope, or at least assert in public, that they could come back, even after their 2009 legislative defeat, but the writing had been on the wall since the late '70s. With outsourcing taking its toll, the private-sector unions were in decline. The story can be seen in union densities. Although union density in the public sector held steady near 36% between 1980 and 1985, it fell from 20.6% to 15.5% in the private sector during that same five-year period. The drop in the raw numbers was dramatic, too: from a high point of nearly 17 million private-sector union members in 1970, the number had fallen gradually to 16.2 million in 1975, to 15.3 million in 1980, to 11.6 million in 1984 -- a 32% decline in just 14 years (Miller and Canak 1995b, p. 19,

With unemployment rates high, production moving overseas, and corporate attacks decimating unions, Reagan applied the final blow by appointing a series of ultraconservatives to the National Labor Relations Board. The appointment process was drawn-out and contentious because the low-key ultraconservatives suggested by Soutar on behalf of the Business Roundtable were not considered conservative enough by some Reagan advisors. After tumultuous confirmation hearings and the exchange of personal insults among the ultraconservative appointees, which almost turned into a circus, the board made extremely conservative decisions even while experiencing turnover and tension. In the process, it reversed several pro-labor decisions by the Democratic majority during the Kennedy, Johnson, and Carter administrations (Gross 1995, pp. 246-265).

This, along with other current events, has given rise to heated debate on the topic of gun control.
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  • People are responsible for the crimes, not the guns themselves.

    There have been many gun control laws established throughout the U.S., but they vary from state to state.

  • Gun control sounds wonderful in theory: no guns means no shootings.

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    People who support gun control feel that guns are the reason for the soaring crime rate in our country.

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Introduction: The gun 1st appeared in Europe's literature in 1326.

The Hollywood Ten are held up as martyrs, for losing their jobs and spending a few months in prison for contempt of Congress, even while they had the blood of the millions murdered in Russia and Eastern Europe on their hands, as the conscious and willing agents of Josef Stalin (who was still alive, remember, and still killing people at the time, even readying a against the Jews), a greater mass murderer than Adolf Hitler.

Thus the notorious anti-gun politician, Rep.

So she have a diary showing contemporaneous mention of her affair with Oswald andperhaps her role in the assassination plot, but the drug addict landlord of her trailer park homeburned it.

The issue of Guns and gun control is complex.

Roosevelt not only was familiar with the basic plan and the corporate support for it. He knew he was trying to bring about recovery within the constraints that were likely to be set by the Supreme Court if the executive branch tried to regulate the economy. Roosevelt and his advisers feared that the extremely conservative court, consisting primarily of former corporate lawyers, would find legislation regulating wages to be unconstitutional. It was likely to do so on the grounds that regulating wages was an infringement on the right of individuals to freely negotiate contracts, as it had done just ten years earlier. So they figured that the only way to obtain the minimum wage and maximum hour laws they wanted was through agreements hammered out by business and labor leaders in each industry. Unfortunately for the liberals and labor, the White House had to find ways to induce those agreements by giving business something it wanted even more, the ability to set minimum prices and restrict output without fear of antitrust prosecution (Schlesinger 1958, p. 101).

Crime is very high in cities that have few gun control laws.

The Cold War thus continues, even if now largely an internal American conflict -- though by way of , which has found willing allies on the Left, the struggle again has taken on a geopolitical character.

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