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prosthetic leg, The poor amputee with his old prosthesis using

Doctors had to amputate his left leg above the knee, and he was left with large medical expenses.

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It came about later in the year, in school, as Josie was using her new wheelchair with elevating leg rests, and had both legs put in long leg casts for 3 months, that Josie was eating her favorite lunch, her peanut butter and strawberry preserves sandwich, that she heard a sweet melodic female voice asking,
“can I sit here?”. Josie looked up and saw a pretty blonde girl, dressed in a schoolgirl uniform consisting of an above knee plaid skirt, and ankle sox and white shirt adorned with a bandana around the neck area. The girl smiled and extended what Josie was expecting would be a hand but, in her peripheral vision, saw instead a hook!

extreme amputee athlete invented his own prosthetic leg to make these sports possible for above ..

After X-rays were taken, fractures were also seen just below the elbows and on 3 fingers. The female doctor advised Kathy that her arms would have to be put in long arm casts which would go from just below her armpits to the midpoint of her fingers and would cover both thumbs as well. Still numb from the shock of the trauma of the fractures, Kathy didn’t think of the consequences until her mom, who came to the hospital after being notified about the accident, was driving the two girls’ home. Everyone was sitting quietly in the car, saying nothing until the sudden realization about what the casts were going to do hit her. As the thought came to Kathy, she suddenly gave a blood-curdling scream. The surprise of the scream nearly caused her mother to lose control of the car!
Josie and Kathy’s mother thought something terrible had happened but then Kathy explained, ” I just realized I can’t go to school!!!. School starts in one week, I have to wear these casts for 8 weeks and everyone knows me as an amputee!

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“Having both legs amputated is unusual, and I’d always been a headache for the prosthetic technicians. Those with one leg left can have a prothesis modelled after it. Everything: length, weight, foot-gradient. With me there was nothing to follow. But what was a headache for a prosthetics maker became a challenge for an engineer.”

“I thought: If I’m going to be the fastest woman on prostheses in the world, why are we looking at human legs with calves and feet? Why aren’t we looking at what runs fastest – the cheetah?”

Left leg amputee working out with dumbbell

Among other injuries I suffered a below knee amputation of my left leg.
Eric Thirion Business Development Coordinator
(317) 783 - 3226 Ext.1154

Among other injuries I suffered a below knee amputation of my left leg.
Eric Thirion Business Development Coordinator
(317) 783 - 3226 Ext.1154

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    A transfemoral prosthesis is an artificial limb that replaces a leg missing above the knee

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Together with the famous artist Matthew Barney, Aimee Mullins allowed her imagination to run freer than ever, and prostheses became sculptures. They made glass legs inspired by , legs crafted in earth with flowers growing in them, a pair in transparent soft-plastic that looked like jellyfish. In an installation that honoured her athletic carrier, Aimee was transformed – after 14 hours of prosthetic surgery – to half-woman and half-cheetah with paws, claws and a tail she could wave. The artwork was exhibited at the venerable Guggenheim in New York.

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