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How to make ammonium perchlorate : electrolysis ..

Potassium chlorate and sulfuric acid react to cause fire and possible explosions [Mellor 2:315.

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100]; mixtures of the chlorate with ammonium salts, powdered metals, silicon, sulfur, or sulfides are readily ignited and potentially explosive [Bretherick 1979 p.

I think that your product is ammonium chlorate which is soluble in water, hence no precipitation.

When ammonia gas (NH3) is bubbled through water, it dissolves and a small number of ammonia molecules react with the water to produce NH4+ and OH¯ ions.

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NH4C4H5O6 + KClO3 → KC4H5O6 + NH4ClO3 — in this step, the ammonium bitartrate is added to potassium chlorate, which produces potassium bitartrate, but more importantly, ammonium chlorate ...

As reviewed recently by Chrispeels et al (1999), CHL1 may also contribute to both the inducible and constitutive high-affinity nitrate transport systems when ammonium is present and/or the pH is low (see Wang et al, 1998).

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Members of the family are high-affinity nitrate transporters, root specific, nitrate inducible and ammonium/glutamine repressible (Chrispeels et al, 1999).

GmNRT2 mRNA levels were barely detectable in ammonium-grown plants, higher in nitrogen-deprived plants, and highest in nitrate-grown plants (Amarasinghe et al, 1998).

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