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Csound: AdditiveSynthesis

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Assignment 3 Additive synthesis using Csound - …

Another type of module frequently used to control other modules is the , or . An LFO is just like a normal oscillator, it can have any waveform and amplitude we specify, but it has a very low, sub-audio frequency, producing a very slowly oscillating signal generally used to control other modules within a synthesizer. For example, an LFO might move the volume level of a VCA up and down, creating a tremolo effect. LFOs are like little robots that turn knobs back and forth for you.

Assignment 4 Additive synthesis using Csound

This article is a (relatively) brief introduction to the principles of music synthesis. Each of the basic components of synthesizers are explained, along with descriptions and examples of how these components are chained together to make interesting sounds. The principles discussed are not unique to any specific synthesis platform, but are applicable to music synthesis in general.

The Canonical Csound Reference Manual - …

This week I've been playing with additive synthesis in the Csound software modular.

Envelopes like the one pictured here are called , so named for their four stages: and . When we put an ADSR envelope module in a synthesizer, we specify exactly what is to happen during each stage of the envelope after an "on" gate signal is received. For example, the envelope pictured above has an attack stage that lasts 250 milliseconds, where the level increases to 1. After that, it has a decay stage lasting 200 milliseconds where the level decreases to 0.7. During the sustain stage, the level stays at 0.7 for as long as the envelope generator is receiving an "on" gate signal. Sustain stages do not have a specified duration. When the gate signal changes to "off," we enter the release stage, where the level takes 200 milliseconds to drop to 0.

Examples include Native Instrument's Generator, Seer System's Reality, Syn-C Modular, Dreamstation and Vaz Modular. If you are interested in synthesis and have access to a reasonable computer and midi keyboard I strongly recommend you visit where you can download perfectly usable shareware versions of SynC and Dreamstation as well as countless demos and some freeware.

The Canonical Csound Reference Manual ..

Csound additive synthesis design used to model the instruments is described

ADSR envelopes are often used to control the volume of a sound, although they can be used to control almost anything inside a modular synthesizer. For example, the same envelope could control a resonant low pass filter, making a cool sweeping and wooshing effect evolve as we play each note.

The text of this article is accompanied by illustrations, audio examples, and links to working demonstrations in . PureData is a powerful, free, cross-platform, open source music synthesis tool. It's a good idea to read this article with PureData open in the background, building and learning as you go.

This is an acousmatic work realized with the music software CSound, using 3 sound objects: FM, additive synthesis and silences
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  • Real-Instrument Synthesis at Luman Magnum


  • Ultimately, using additive synthesis is not efficient

    Csound Journal

  • Contents: 3d Audio - binaural encoding based on HRTF analyses


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Use headphones with these examples

Iain McCurdy is the king of Playable Csound instruments and this synth is an adaptation of one of our favorites. Using additive synthesis 10 harmonic partials are created and by simply turning a knob you can alter the spacing between them. This allows you to transition between tonal textures and wild effects—an indispensable tool for sound designers.

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