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You have offered an ad hoc hypothesis to explain away what looks like a good refutation of your claim.

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At the heart of the underdetermination of scientific theory byevidence is the simple idea that the evidence available to us at agiven time may be insufficient to determine what beliefs we shouldhold in response to it. In a textbook example, if all I know is thatyou spent $10 on apples and oranges and that apples cost $1 whileoranges cost $2, then I know that you did not buy six oranges, but Ido not know whether you bought one orange and eight apples, twooranges and six apples, and so on. A simple scientific example can befound in the rationale behind the sensible methodological adage that“correlation does not imply causation”. If watching lotsof cartoons causes children to be more violent in their playgroundbehavior, then we should (barring complications) expect to find acorrelation between levels of cartoon viewing and violent playgroundbehavior. But that is also what we would expect to find ifchildren who are prone to violence tend to enjoy and seek out cartoonsmore than other children, or if propensities to violence and increasedcartoon viewing are both caused by some third factor (like generalparental neglect or excessive consumption of Twinkies). So a highcorrelation between cartoon viewing and violent playground behavior isevidence that (by itself) simply underdetermines what weshould believe about the causal relationship between the two. But itturns out that this simple and familiar predicament only scratches thesurface of the various ways in which problems of underdeterminationcan arise in the course of scientific investigation.

My hypothesis that the watch is in your pocket because you stole it, is not an ad hoc hypothesis.

Another type of ad hoc hypothesis occurs in science when a new scientific theory is proposed which conflicts with an established theory and which lacks an essential explanatory mechanism.

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In those cases, the astrologer can make the data fit the astrological paradigm by the ad hoc hypothesis that those who do not fit the mold have other, unknown influences that counteract the influence of the dominant planets.

If the result of at least one test were negative, the hypothesis would prove to be false; otherwise our confidence in the hypothesis would increase, and we should feel encouraged to attempt establishing the hypothesis, instead of trying to construct a counterexample." title="However the machine would permit us to test the hypothesis for any special value of n.

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If the result of at least one test were negative, the hypothesis would prove to be false; otherwise our confidence in the hypothesis would increase, and we should feel encouraged to attempt establishing the hypothesis, instead of trying to construct a counterexample.">

In and , anad hoc hypothesis is a added to a in order to save it frombeing . Ad hoc hypothesescompensate for anomalies not anticipated by the theory in itsunmodified form. Scientists are often of theories that relyon frequent, unsupported adjustments to sustain them. Adhoc hypotheses are often characteristic of subjects. Much ofscientific understanding relies on the modification of existinghypotheses or theories but these modifications are distinguishedfrom ad hoc hypotheses in that the anomalies beingexplained propose a new means of being real.

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I begin by raising five important methodological problems about this typical experiment. First, there is not a great difference in improvement rate of the clinically depressed patients between and among the three groups (61.8% for moclobemide, 66.4% for imipramine, and 37.3% for the placebo groups). True, the main purpose of the study was to the efficacy of moclobemide and imipramine in relieving clinical depression. However, from a philosophical, theoretical or even methodological perspective, what is missing or consistently overlooked in these studies is an adequate and rigorous account of the interpretation of the data in terms and, in particular, in terms of . The monoamine hypothesis is an attempt to explain-in terms of anatomy, physiology and biochemistry-the cause of clinical depression. But as I shall note in my subsequent questions, a close examination of the hypothesis and the experimental data reveals serious weaknesses about both the hypothesis itself and about the scientific and experimental methodology involved. Second, all these comparative studies leave unanswered the precise, detailed mechanism of the causal nature of the placebo. If the drug imipramine, for example, is considered causally efficacious for the 66.8% who improved, why is not also considered equally causally efficacious for the 37.3% who also improved?

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The famous example of this second form is asking, "Do you still beat your wife?" Answering "no" legitimates the question and does nothing to contradict the presupposition that the husband once did beat his wife.

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The main purpose of statistics is to test a hypothesis. For example, you might run an experiment and find that a certain drug is effective at treating headaches. But if you can’t repeat that experiment, no one will take your results seriously. A good example of this was the discovery, which petered into obscurity because no one was able to duplicate the results.

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Moreover, such differences in the character and strength of variousclaims of underdetermination turn out to be crucial for resolving thesignificance of the issue. For example, in some recently influentialdiscussions of science it has become commonplace for scholars in awide variety of academic disciplines to make casual appeal to claimsof underdetermination (especially of the holist variety) to supportthe idea that something besides evidence must step in to dothe further work of determining beliefs and/or changes of belief inscientific contexts: perhaps most prominent among these are adherentsof the sociology of scientific knowledge (SSK) movement and somefeminist science critics who have argued that it is typically thesociopolitical interests and/or pursuit of power and influence byscientists themselves which play a crucial and even decisive role indetermining which beliefs are actually abandoned or retained inresponse to conflicting evidence. As we will see in Section 2.2,however, Larry Laudan has argued that such claims depend upon simpleequivocation between the comparatively weak or trivial forms ofunderdetermination that their partisans have managed to establish andthe far stronger forms from which they draw radical conclusions aboutthe limited reach of evidence and rationality in science. In thesections that follow we will seek to clearly characterize anddistinguish the various forms of both holist and contrastiveunderdetermination that have been suggested to arise in scientificcontexts (noting some important connections between them along theway), assess the strength and significance of the heterogeneousargumentative considerations offered in support of and against them,and consider just which forms of underdetermination pose genuinelyconsequential challenges for scientific inquiry.

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